Did I vote my convictions or not? You decide.

(Please read my post here  to better understand this follow-up.  I promised myself when I started blogging that I would never be anything but real. That I would be willing to admit when I didn’t follow through on something. You decide for yourself what you think of how I handled this situation in light of what I said in the earlier post.)

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First of all, I was right. The candidate was voted in before the vote was even taken. It was unanimous except for the two abstentions. (Do you need to ask?) You had to be there to know what I mean.  The chairperson was directing the vote with every word he spoke. I’ve never been in a meeting where the process of deciding on a pastor was accomplished with almost no discussion. Was there a moment when we could’ve spoken up? Honestly, I’m not sure there was and considering how the evening was going, I’m not sure it would have served any purpose. Their minds were made up. My little voice would have made no difference except to plant a seed of doubt. I prefer to be like Joshua and Caleb rather than the ten “nay”sayers.

When the time came to vote, Continue reading

Help! An envy worm has shown up

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Today I encountered a new “worm”. Or should I say an old “worm” that just hadn’t shown its head for quite a while. The worm that’s eating my apple today is comparison and envy.

Our moods can easily plummet when we let our guard down even a little. I’m having  a perfectly wonderful day. Hubby and I are going to visit our precious two little grandsons for a few days (ages two and four). It’s been almost five weeks!!!!!For us that’s a week too long. In an upcoming long post I’m going to share with you the story of our youngest grandson. It’s quite a story. I think you’ll laugh, cry (which is why it’s taking me some time to finish)  and feel inspired all at once. I did. Anyway, moving on…… Continue reading