an alphabet of thanks “Y”

google images/yesterdays

google images/yesterdays

Today I’m grateful for Yesterdays. There’s something about the fact that I can’t change a yesterday. I can change my interpretation of yesterday but that’s about it. Not all my yesterdays have been wonderful. Not all my yesterdays have been awful. As the saying goes, “We all have something.”

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is opportunity.They both have a place in our lives. Yesterdays give us opportunity to reflect. They give us opporutinity to plan differently for our tomorrows. Yesterdays, whether painful or wonderful, are a great jumping off place.

The thing about yesterdays is not to let them determine our future except in the sense that we learn from them. Even when our yesteredays are full of regrets, we have our tomorrows to change things.

an alphabet of thanks, “L”

goe images

goe images

“L”, “L”, “L”. What begins with “L”. Leopards, little, lazy, lop-sided, love, laps, luxury, lettuce,……..

Today I pick, nope, not love, way too easy. I pick “little”. We all have a different criteria for what we consider “little”. To me, it’s all those “little” moments in life.

  • The first cup of coffee in the morning.
  • The hug from my husband at night as I nestle into his arms.
  • Kindness from a stranger.
  • Kindness to a stranger.
  • Moments of no foot pain
  • God’s small voice
  • A hummingbird outside my window
  • A moment of self-awareness
  • Shadows
  • Finding the right pair of jeans (No, that’s BIG.)
  • Having a good hair day
  • When my “original” recipe turn out great.
  • Warm bread
  • Warm cookies
  • A Dove chocolate square

It’s good to make up your own list of “little” things you are thankful for.

Oh, I almost forgot, my “little” red cabin in the woods.

an alphabet of thanks, “H”


Today I’m grateful for my hair. Mine is pretty manageable. I have plenty of it and the color has gotten better with age.

And, as every women knows, a good hair day is a good day all around. When  you think about it, women and their hair are more inextricably tied together than almost anything else. Hair is  one of the first things we notice about other women. When we get sick, it’s our hair that shows it the most. Washing our hair is the single most mood=lifting action we can take.

Losing our hair is one of our greatest fears. Our hair defines us. It’s been that way since the beginning of time.

I’ve come to peace with my hair. After trying to straighten its slight wave, I’ve given up and let it do its thing. There might be some great cosmic message here-something about if we can learn to be at peace with our hair, we can learn to be at peace about a lot of things.  It’s a thought.

an alphabet of thanks “A”

Today begins my month of thankfulness. My daughter has done this a couple of years on Facebook so I gave it a shot for the first time last year.  Sometimes they will be funny, sometimes serious. These will be addition to my usual posts. Let’ s see if I can do it again.

“A”  Today I’m thankful for anger.


Anger can be a very good emotion if it prompts us to positive change. It’s been anger that has that has caused many people to take on a “cause”, to address injustice’s  around the world.  Were not talking about the anger we feel when someone cuts us off in traffic. There’s way too much of that kind of anger. I am referring to the kind of anger that makes us reach out to the world. There isn’t nearly enough of that kind of anger. We waste our anger on the unimportant.




Today I’m thankful for yesterdays. Not all yesterdays. Just like all tomorrows won’t necessarily be something to be thankful for, not all yesterdays are either. But at least tomorrows hold promise. Yesterdays only hold memories. We can’t rewrite memories. Or can we?

Our past is our past, the facts of it, but not our interpretations of it. I’ve looked back at a lot of my yesterdays, even the ones I’d rather forget, and have come to understand how they’ve contributed to who I am. Without my yesterdays, I wouldn’t be who I am.  Without my yesterdays I wouldn’t have hope that I could handle my tomorrows.

When one thinks about it, wouldn’t you rather think about your yesterdays? At least, for the most part, they hold no surprises, although I think all of us have moments that suddenly break in on us and open a window to a past memory.  Sometime we call it déjà vu. That uncanny feeling that we’ve been here before, done this before but can’t for the life of us remember who, what, when, where, how. But we know.

Sometimes that déjà vu shows up when we react in an extreme way to someone or something. There is a word for me that often catapults me back many years. No matter to whom the word is directed, whether it’s in a movie, a book or a conversation, it takes me back to a young teen-age girl.  

My mother wanted me to have all the fun she felt she had missed. I was a constant reminder of her unfulfilled dreams. It never occurred to her that what I did or didn’t do had nothing to do with her that.  To this day, she allows circumstances and people to determine her joy.

I am my mother’s daughter.  At times I have followed her example by letting people and circumstances determine my joy. 

This post is about being thankful for our yesterdays-and I am.   

We all have some painful yesterdays but we all have hope for our tomorrows also. If your yesterdays include periods of depression or if you’re worried that your tomorrows might, don’t be afraid to look back and neutralize some of those painful memories. Try to reinterpret them in a way that doesn’t excuse or condemn the perpetrator but frees the victim-you. Depression quite often gets a foothold because we’ve let the past fester.  

 Today will be your yesterday soon enough so make today count.