the never-ending project


For some reason this posted from my phone. So forgive me for posting again. Plus, it posted to the wrong blog. 

Anyway, this door is never going to get done. We’ve sanded and painted once already. But when we got to the scraping off the paint, it came off and revealed the white paint underneath. So-o-o-o-o-o-we had to do it all over again. The sanding, everything. So now, because it’s cold in the garage, it’s set up on saw horses in the back hallway. I applied the primer yesterday (we hadn’t done that before and felt that was the problem), which is the picture you are looking at. I’ve applied one coat of Sherwin-Williams black paint. I’m determined to have some black interior doors. They’re all over Pinterest.

So yesterday after I applied one coat of the black paint, I held my breath as I scraped away the black paint.  Yea!!!! It worked.  Of course, you probably realized before I did that I should have had the primer tinted black.  DUH!!!!!!! Bu how often do I need black primer?

So today I will apple coat number two. I hate to think that I’m going to have to paint a third coat, but I think I might have to and the fact that it’s a French Door with all those panes, ugh.. Guess what I’m going to do on the other side? I’m going to try to  paint the door without the primer. After all, we have it sanded down to the “raw” wood state so I’m thinking it should work. So what if the first coat sinks in? I’m going to have to apply two coats anyway.

Then last night my husband and I were talking and I asked, “Why didn’t we just spray paint it?” He responded that he’d thought of that, too but was concerned that we’d have a hard time covering the glass. But even if we had only covered the main areas, it would’ve worked because I’m not taping it off as it’s too hard to get the paint right down to the glass. So I’m scraping anyway. Wished it were warmer in the garage because spray painting is exactly what I’d do!

I blame Pinterest.

a friend’s challenge to me


google images

google images

My friend and I were talking this morning about what we wanted to get done today.  I said I wanted to get three things accomplished.  Paint some furniture. Bake something. Prune some plants. It’s one of those days. She challenged me in that she said I couldn’t do it all.

So far I’ve painted the furniture. Hubby made me put my foot up (still in the brace. see more about that here) for a couple of hours and I’m getting ready to get back to my challenge. I love it when someone tells me I can’t do something.

Now I’m getting ready to go bake a cake and then outside to prune.  I need to be done in a couple of hours because my hubby and I are going out on a date tonight.

Check back later to see if I accomplished my goal.

funny, Ha, Ha



I’m posting this tongue-in-cheek. This morning I hobbled to the bathroom because my left foot is in a “soft” cast as I’m trying to avoid major, major, nine–recovery- surgery. I lifted my  left “braced” arm  due to a pulled tendon, to open a door to my medicine cabinet.

Here’s the funny, ha, ha part. The door came off the hinge and the next thing I knew it hit me right above my left eye. Blood is dripping down my cheek and I couldn’t help but laugh. How could I not? I look like the “walking wounded”.

They say there are no accident’s but I can’t think of what I could have done to cause that door to attack me. Hmm. come to think of it, I DO hate my medicine cabinet.  But still………

So that’s my funny, ha, ha, story. You just have to have a sense of humor about some things. 🙂

I’m blond. What can I say?

I made my daughter’s day today. Isn’t that what mother’s are supposed to do. Give their children something to laugh about and remember?

I had this great new recipe I was trying out. It’s a lemonade cake made with Squirt and is really good.  My friend had made it a few weeks ago. It’s made in a bundt cake pan. The only way I’ve been using my bundt cake pan is to make angel food cake. As you know with an angel food cake you have to invert it on a bottle to cool. Well, it was very busy this morning. So I took the pan out of the oven and inverted it as I always do. Not even thinking. I walked out of the kitchen for a few minutes.

When I came back, there was the cake in pits and pieces all over the countertop. My duaghter was hysterical and even posted in on Facebook. I laughed too.

So have a laugh at my expense and happy Mother’s Day to all my “mom” followers.



good choices and clean underwear

good choices and clean underwear

I have some great advice today for everyone. Short post alert! Short post alert! This blog is going to contain a lot of information over time about depression and my thoughts about life in general. But every once in awhile you come across a piece of advice that just says it all.  Sometimes you need a shot in the arm, something that makes you laugh and yet sit up and take notice. Sometimes the best philosophy is the simplest. Sometimes there’s a volume of truth in the fewest amount of words.  Now that I’ve set you up for this little gem, let me ask you a question.  Is there more to this statement than you might think?

Here it is:

Make good choices and wear clean underwear!