what a day

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This has been quite a day. Actually, quite a couple of days. Remember my sad story about my Ford Taurus?  Well, yesterday, the “junk car people” came and picked it up. I was sad. No, really, I was sad. That car had served me well for eighteen years. Not once it ever stall on me. Not once was I stuck somewhere along the road. So-o-o-o-while looking for a new car, I’m driving my mother’s. It only  has 50,000 miles but it’s twelve years old and has obviously not been driven much.

I thought I heard some unusual sounds yesterday but my hubby took it out for a spin and it was fine. I got up early this morning to have some blood work done (I’ll tell you about that in a minute), and then ran some errands. Again, the car seemed to be acting funny. As I turning into a parking spot, it stalled twice.  I didn’t panic and went about my business. On my way home, I felt I should stay off the main roads just in case. As I’m driving, it completely stalls so I steer to the side of the road. At this point, I’m a few blocks from my mother’s. I knew I could walk the rest of the way if I had to.  I sat there a few minutes then tried it again. It started and I was able to get to her house, where I called a friend to come pick me up and take me home. I dropped the car off at our trusted garage and am waiting for the call. Back to this morning…………..

After fasting for fourteen hours, I got up early and was at the lab by 8:00. They drew my blood and then proceeded to tell me the insurance wouldn’t pay for all the tests. Now this has never happened and we’ve had the same insurance for a few years now. So I spent the rest of the day talking to the insurance company, the doctor’s office and the lab and have them all blame each other. Finally did get that figured out. In the middle of all this, I decided to make little pumpkin cakes. I had just read yesterday about all the ways to “doctor” a cake mix to make it test more like a bakery cake. Well, I must have done something wrong because they burnt a little on the bottom and were quite dry. There again, my stove is about as old as my car!

Tomorrow has got to go better, right?

All kidding aside, I’ll take days like this any day compared to what so many people deal with every day.

the never-ending project


For some reason this posted from my phone. So forgive me for posting again. Plus, it posted to the wrong blog. 

Anyway, this door is never going to get done. We’ve sanded and painted once already. But when we got to the scraping off the paint, it came off and revealed the white paint underneath. So-o-o-o-o-o-we had to do it all over again. The sanding, everything. So now, because it’s cold in the garage, it’s set up on saw horses in the back hallway. I applied the primer yesterday (we hadn’t done that before and felt that was the problem), which is the picture you are looking at. I’ve applied one coat of Sherwin-Williams black paint. I’m determined to have some black interior doors. They’re all over Pinterest.

So yesterday after I applied one coat of the black paint, I held my breath as I scraped away the black paint.  Yea!!!! It worked.  Of course, you probably realized before I did that I should have had the primer tinted black.  DUH!!!!!!! Bu how often do I need black primer?

So today I will apple coat number two. I hate to think that I’m going to have to paint a third coat, but I think I might have to and the fact that it’s a French Door with all those panes, ugh.. Guess what I’m going to do on the other side? I’m going to try to  paint the door without the primer. After all, we have it sanded down to the “raw” wood state so I’m thinking it should work. So what if the first coat sinks in? I’m going to have to apply two coats anyway.

Then last night my husband and I were talking and I asked, “Why didn’t we just spray paint it?” He responded that he’d thought of that, too but was concerned that we’d have a hard time covering the glass. But even if we had only covered the main areas, it would’ve worked because I’m not taping it off as it’s too hard to get the paint right down to the glass. So I’m scraping anyway. Wished it were warmer in the garage because spray painting is exactly what I’d do!

I blame Pinterest.

why can’t I find jeans that fit?


The denim fabric of a jeans

The denim fabric of a jeans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We women face many important issues.  What color shoes to wear with what outfit? What color lipstick? What moisturizer.  Whether we should color our hair or not? Bangs or no? What length skirt? What style bathing suit? (almost the worst). But in the final analysis:

It’s all about the jeans!

Let’s face it, it’s our go-to outfit.  We probably wear jeans more than any other single piece of clothing other than our underwear. But getting them to fit? It is just me? Does anyone else have a hard time finding the perfect fitting jeans?  I HATE trying on jeans.It’s the most frustrating activity ever! I would rather try on shoes. And if you’re thinking what’s the big deal with that, I should tell you I’ve had four foot surgeries so shoe shopping is a nightmare. But nothing, absolutely nothing, compares with jeans shopping. They never fit the way I want them to.





They’re either:



too long,



too short,



too low-waisted,



too high-waisted,

too big waisted,



too tight,



too loose,



too dark,



too light,



and finally, too expensive.



All I can say is thank goodness the weather is getting warmer and I can ditch the jeans for a few months.




In Color

In Color (Photo credit: phil dokas)


Gosh, I hate to admit when I’m dense or slow to learn.  But would you believe after months of posting, I only figured out today how to set up my menu.  In the process, I messed up the categories on ALL my posts so I’ve spent the afternoon editing each and every one of them so that when a reader clicks on a menu, the appropriate post shows up.

However, I don’t know how to make a list for the “Books” menu.  Another learning curve again. Please bear with me as I continue to figure all this out.  And if anyone out there can help me out, please feel free to do so.  In the meantime, I’ll go back to my huge “Dummies” book and try to figure it out.  What’s particularly hard is that I don’t even understand the language.  I consider myself a very smart woman, but I’m starting to wonder.

Do you think I’ll ever figure out “CSS”?

If nothing else, this learning process keeps me from being depressed and there are some things looming in my life which just might cause a flare-up.

thrift shopping continued

English: Salvation Army Thrift Store, Santa Mo...

English: Salvation Army Thrift Store, Santa Monica, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

thrift shopping continued

Ok, so I tried to post the previous post from my I-phone and only pictures came through. So now comes the “rest of the story”.

I’m in Fl, right? We flew down, didn’t drive, right? Are you getting the gist of all this now that you’ve seen the pictures? Why do I find such treasures when I can do nothing about it? That is so frustrating! I spent all afternoon thinking about how I could at least get the one-of-a kind vase home. My sweet hubby said he would put it  in his bag. (By the way, it’s about eighteen inches tall.) I was thrilled. He also said he’d didn’t want to hear for weeks about how I should’ve at least tried to get the vase home. He knows me too well. That is exactly what I would have done!

I’ll let you know if it gets home in one piece.

(By the way, when we went back to the Salvation Army store, it was no longer on sale. I almost didn’t spend the $5.00. I wanted it at half price which is what it had been that morning. I can be so cheap. As I was suggesting to the clerk that after all, it was now only six and the sale ended at four, my husband just rolled his eyes and went ahead and bought it.)

YEA! I did it!

 Yea!  I did it!

this is how I feel right now.


Before I tell you what the “yea” is about I want to share with you a quote from Calvin Coolidge, 3oth president of the United States.

“Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence.

Talent will not: nothing is more commonplace than unsuccessful men with talent.

Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.

Education alone will not; the world is full of educated derelicts.

Persistence and Determination alone are omnipotent.”

Well, I read that this morning after my devotions and I really liked and thought I might just post the quote.

Flashback to yesterday.  Yesterday I tried to install a “Follow Me Twitter Button” on this blog.  Oh, my gosh!  It seemed so easy at first but I kept having all the html code show up in addition to the button.  Finally, I thought, well maybe I have to drop some of it. But what?  I know absolutely nothing about programming. But I started playing around and after many hours I finally got it working. My brain in fried.

Then I thought about what I’d read this morning.  Remember?  It was all about persistence.  How cool is that?Here I was using persistence to accomplish what I needed.  It certainly wasn’t talent or genius. I do have a good education but that didn’t do it either.  It was persistence.

I hope if you’re frustrated by something today you’ll find this post helpful.  Persistence applies to all parts of our life.  persistence in prayer, persistence in doing the right thing, thinking the right thoughts, using the right words, etc.

Anyway, have a good day.  I’m moving on to something else now, something that doesn’t require too much thought.

God bless.

Oh, no.  I just checked my home page and the “twitter icon” isn’t there.  I’ll figure it out, right?

blogging and depression are so frustrating

Dear reader,

This is a “trial” post.  I have no clue what I’m doing but I need to see something on my page so I know what it looks like.  Hence, this post. 

I can tell you this is going to be an unusual blog-a self-help (especially for those who experience bouts of depression) format and at times, a DIY blog with pictures if I can figure this out.  For right now, let me just encourage you if you are feeling depressed.  I was there on and off for years.  I’ve learned a lot in my struggles and have been anti-depressant free now for over nine years.  I will be sharing the strategies I use on an almost daily basis.  Many have told me these tools have really helped. 

I’m not a therapist but I’m not a novice either.  I have a degree in Psychology, two quarters of Clinical Pastoral Education (no, I’m not a minister) and worked a number of years as a hospital chaplain. My faith is the most important part of my life but I choose not to try to convince anyone to believe as I do.  Some of the techniques I use are of a  spiritual nature but they can be adapted to your own personal lifestyle.  I only want to help.  I know what it feels like to be really “down” and have no clue as to why. Please check in with me often.  I will try to post about three days a week.

Now back to figuring out this blog stuff.