an alphabet of thanks “N”

Steinlausweibchen, frei nach Loriot.
Steinlausweibchen, frei nach Loriot. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I’m thankful  for my naiveté. My family is always kidding my about how naïve I am about some things. For example, if a family member tells me something outlandish, (like there’s such a thing as a Michigan peacock) I’m very apt to believe them because of course, they wouldn’t lie. I easily fall for practical jokes therefore  people love to pick on me.

The first definition for naïve in the dictionary is “inexperienced”.That’s not me. I’ve experienced enough of life to know its reality.  Another definition is “youthful”. Young people are generally considered naïve. Young people generally trust and believe in people. Young people believe in possibilities. I’ll take this definition.

I trust and believe in people to my detriment at times. I often walk into situations where I can’t win no matter what because I always believe people can change. I’m naïve enough to believe most people like me. I’m always surprised when people don’t play fair. I guess I really am naïve.

But that’s o.k. I rather be the one picked on than the one that does the picking . I’d rather be easy to play a joke on than so sophisticated no one would dare. I rather be naïve and see the wonder of life, than so jaded I can only see the ugly.

I’ll admit it. I’m naïve. I’m naïve enough to believe that God still performs miracles. I’m naïve enough to believe that my prayers really matter. I’m naïve enough to believe that God is who He says He is, that He can do what He says He can do, that I am who God says I am, and that I can handle anything God allows in my life. Call me naïve want. I call myself smart.

no fair

some thing just aren't fair

some thing just aren’t fair

Whoa! Where would one begin? Globally, nationally, state-wide, or right in my own home? There’s lot of unfairness in this world. I would not be able to list all the examples in life I feel are unfair:

  • Starvation
  • Bullying
  • Catastrophic illness
  • Catastrophic illness and no insurance
  • Old-age
  • Denial of basic human rights
  • Depression

That the rich get richer while the poor get poorer.

I could go on ad infinitum. But navel gazing isn’t good. Besides a lot of what is unfair in this world sits squarely on our shoulders. A lot of the unfairness of this world is not because GOD has done anything but because we have done nothing.

There couldn’t possible be a hungry child if we all did our part. Bullying couldn’t exist without the bully’s. Parents are responsible to see their children are not bully’s. Mine weren’t. Not ever. Not once. They were taught to value people and they were also brought up in fear of the consequences if they did. They didn’t want “no mama trouble.”

Illness will strike but we can do our best to maintain a healthy life-style.

We can’t do anything about old-age but we can learn to be our best at any age.

We can write our congressman about lack of human rights around the world. We can pray. We can become knowledgable about what we can do.

Depression. A big one for me. But there is so much we can do about our depression. Depression can be defeated. (see

We can’t do anything about another’s financial success except to make sure that our lack of it is not to due to lack of initiative or poor choices.  (Besides, not all people want or seek financial success and everyone’s definition is different anyway.) At the same time we need to be aware that these people made sacrifices, some of which cost them dearly. Maybe we didn’t want to make those sacrifices.

I see unfairness every day and wonder about it. I know the adage that says “Whoever said life was fair?” but that brings little comfort. As long as evil people exist, unfairness will exist. But as long as good people exist, there is hope.