girl gone missing

I live in a smallish town.  The gas station I frequent now and then has made the national news. A young woman who was working the late shift has gone missing. It happened during the last hour the station was open. Her purse and car keys were found inside.  It’s been a few months now. No leads as to her whereabouts. Posters are up everywhere showing her face and the face of the man who is a “person of interest”. Which brings me to this post.

Evil exists.  Has since time began. I won’t try to prove whether evil exists or not. Look around you. You already know it does.  It doesn’t need to be understood or explained but it needs to be acknowledged.

Evil acts are evil acts done by evil people. Pure and simple. 

Whatever has happened to Jessica (her real name), evil was behind it. I don’t particularly care about the details of the perpetrators life. How he was an abused child. How his teachers didn’t help him. How he was picked on in school. This can be said about a lot people that don’t end up being rapists, murderers, child molesters.

Why evil takes over some people, I’m sure I don’t know.  But it does. Evil has to begin somewhere. Is it the result of genes, environment, brain cells gone awry? Is it spiritual? Is there a real entity that invades people’s souls? Certainly a blog is not the place to tackle such a huge subject, not for this woman anyway.

But to me, recognizing that evil exists and in resides in humans is a place to begin. It keeps me be a little more alert to the man who might offer to “help” me in some way. It keeps me from grocery shopping at night. It prompts me to keep my doors locked.

I don’t believe in living in fear but I also believe in being aware of my surroundings.


 garden bench (375x500)

I’ll never understand why there are people in this world who seem to live only to hurt others. Wait a minute, yes, I do.  There is evil in this world, therefore there are evil people.

Some misguided persons can suggest that these people have been hurt themselves which is why they hurt others. Sorry.  That doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. Ninety-nine percent of the people in the world have probably been hurt in some form or another but they don’t go around planting bombs meant not to kill but to horribly maim and disfigure people for the rest of their lives. There is no reason we need to waste a tear on these perpetrators of evil. We needn’t  “understand” their motives.

We don’t need to delves into their religious beliefs.  They use their religion to justify their behavior. It doesn’t. Only fringe elements of established religions condone violence.

They need to be treated as what they are-evil people bent on destroying others. They are terrorists.  But we must be careful not to assign ethnicity to these people until we learn who they are.  They might well be American citizens or simply some nut-job. It’s too easy at a time like this to jump to conclusions and condemn a whole nation or ethnic group of people.

Evil is not unique to any one group, one religion, or one country. Our own history should tell us that.  So before we look around this week and harshly judge those of different skin color, ethnicity or religion, lets just remember that evil, like goodness, know no boundaries.