finally some pictures


Finally some pictures. The picture above is a cone I made for covering with yarn.  We were at our cabin in the fall and my hubby was hunting so I got busy. I had the paper and had just been to a local mission store where I bought the green cord you will see. I had white yarn leftover from earlier project and as luck would have it, I had left it at the cabin.

I secured the edges with masking tape and then simply began winding yarn. I forgot to take pictures of the white tree in progress. Also, my husband had put up plastic film on our cabin windows and there was the leftover tape you use to secure the film. It’s double-sides and SO MUCH EASIER to use than the kind of double-faced tape you buy for scrapbook projects. I merely wrapped around the cone in a spiral pattern to adhere the yarn at various points. Didn’t matter if it didn’t lie flat because the yarn covered it.



Isn’t  this pretty? I also found some metallic ribbon at the same store and I separated the strands and just adhered it however I could. I forgot to mention I bought red cord as well. I paid a quarter for each skein. This church mission store is near our cabin and I shop there every chance it get. I found a lace tank top last summer that they wouldn’t even charge me for because it had a black stain. They told me to just take it. I did and would you believe the stain came out easily. The following pictures show the completed project. I love how they look in front of the window at “teeny, tiny, red cabin.” here and here.. There is also a wonderful bunk house called La Cabinette next door. Following this are the final pictures.  DSC00282


DIY/guest bedroom

Last year my husband and I were having a conversation about and redecorating the bedrooms. He looked at the ceilings in this room and in another bedroom and said, “What’s the point of redoing the rooms when the ceilings look like their about to fall down.?  You know where this  is heading, don’t you? Here are some before pictures.

  Faux deer 030   Look at the trim. Pathetic, huh? Remember, this house is over 1oo years old! Faux deer 099Faux deer 033  Finally, it’s done. I moved the rods to the ceiling which are nine feet tall and just let them puddle. The green coverlet at end of bed I purchased at Goodwill for $5.00



This is a close up of the great medallion piece I bought at Hobby Lobby. The color is perfect.

This is close up of bed and wonderful medallion I recently found at Hobby Lobby.. Am thinking about painting the bed black for a little more contrast.

The color was perfect. The “dream” garland above was traced from stencils and then cut out of scrapbook paper and glued to a ribbon. The pillows on the bead are all vintage ones I’ve picked up over the years.You will notice the bird pictures to the left of the window in a previous picture. I loved the frames but hated the picture. I knew I would end up putting a different picture in them. One day I took out some wallpaper samples and began drawing. I like the metallic paper so thought, “Hey, I’ll create one bird for each picture. I wanted the pictures to be very simple. Here is the original picture. 001

 Metaliic wallpaper cut into shapes

Metaliic wallpaper cut into shapes

 Added wings with "sharpie"

Added wings with “sharpie”

 Final product

Final product

Pictures on the wall.

Pictures on the wall.

Here is another view of the bedroom. For some reason the pillows and the chest have a pink cast to them which isn’t correct.IMG_2298

Dollar Tree Mirror/Crafting

Dollar Tree Mirror/Crafting

I’ve recently made about four mirrors recently and they are all my design. All supplies were from The Dollar Tree. The mirror frame is quite light so the beads actually help weight it down a little and hang better. I used Super Glue on this mirror, also from the Dollar Tree. Whole project took about twenty minutes and then about twenty minutes to dry. I just love it. Adds some bling to “teeny tiny”. The pictures were taken with my cell so not the best. I’m at “teeny tiny red cabin” which is why all the beadboard. I could not figure how to take a picture of a mirror without a reflection.

The round mirrors were made by gluing a round mirror to a silver tray and then glueing beads on. Again, everything purchased from Dollar Tree.





The beads are glued to the BACKSIDE of the mirror so it will hang better. Otherwise it would jut out from the wall. I used a Silicone waterproof caulk from Home Deport. Hot glue gun works but as the beads cool, they have a tendency to pop off. I used a tab from a soda can and adhered with the same glue I used for the beads.Takes about an hour from start to finish but then needs to harden overnight before you can turn it over to glue on the tab. They are heavy but I’ve had one hanging in my bedroom for a couple of months with no problem.

My next project is to make a much larger one but just have to figure out how to attach to the wall as it will be very heavy. Watch for upcoming posts.DSC00114mirror/theworminmyapple

a place of retreat/teeny tiny red cabin

teeny tiny red cabin

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Posted on May 2, 2013

Thought you might like to see some pictures. I will be writing from this location a lot this summer. I think you will understand why I find so much peace here.

CABIN, BUNKHOUSE 2013This is the main cabin. It’s only 500 square feet. Below is the bunk house. I used my Picasa editing program to make the pictures really great but I can’t get those pictures to download so I’m having to use unedited versions.  As you can see, none of the trees are in leaf yet and none of the plants I planted last year are in bloom. I have Lady’s Mantles planted in front of bunk house along with some grasses. Going to plant much more this summer. Ground is bear around both cabin and bunkhouse as we had to have trees removed for the bunk house to be built. Than we had to have electrical brought to bunk house from cabin so our yard really got bulldozed more than I wanted. My friend made the sign for me for Christmas. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Paris often because of my husband’s travel schedule and obscene number of frequent flyer miles. I always knew the bunk house would be named “La Cabinette.”DSC00282

This is inside cabin. To the right and in the front is the "kitchen". The bed kind of sits in a alcove. I had that darn laundry bag edited out of picture but as I said, can't get Picasa version to download.

This is inside cabin. To the right and in the front is the “kitchen”. The bed kind of sits in a alcove. I had that darn laundry bag edited out of picture but as I said, can’t get Picasa version to download.


Inside bunk house. There are shelves pretty much on every wall. Walls are whitewashed in white. Ceiling in a wonderful seafoamy blue-green. It must have been one hundred degrees when we did this.. My husband could have killed me as just plain ole' painting would have been so much easier.

Inside bunk house. There are shelves pretty much on every wall. Walls are whitewashed in white. Ceiling in a wonderful seafoamy blue-green. It must have been one hundred degrees when we did this.. My husband could have killed me as just plain ole’ painting would have been so much easier.

Bought two chairs AND a love seat for $60.00 at local Goodwill. The cushions and pillow purchased same day for about $5.00. Table from Goodwill as well, $5.00. Everything in bunkhouse and cabin purchased at garage sales or Goodwill. I  LOVE thrift shopping and repurposing.

Bought two chairs AND a love seat for $60.00 at local Goodwill. The cushions and pillow purchased same day for about $5.00. Table from Goodwill as well, $5.00. Everything in bunkhouse and cabin purchased at garage sales or Goodwill. I LOVE thrift shopping and repurposing.

Candlesticks dry brushed. Look closely at the round shiny object. Will tell you what it is and how I used them in next picture.

Candlesticks dry brushed. Look closely at the round shiny object. Will tell you what it is and how I used them in next picture.

The gold shiny decorations are gold nails used for nailguns. I found them at a Habitat for Humanity store for $1.00 each. They are just sitting on top of the nails I used to hang the curtains.  Aren't they cool?

The gold shiny decorations are gold nails used for nailguns. I found them at a Habitat for Humanity store for $1.00 each. They are just sitting on top of the nails I used to hang the curtains. Aren’t they cool?

Another close up view of shelf arrangement on back wall.

Another close up view of shelf arrangement on back wall. I always knew exactly how I wanted to decorate the inside. I had been studying magazines for years. I knew I didn’t want a ceiling (the rafters are open) and that I didn’t want “walls”. I wanted everything exposed. Of course, that means the bunk house is not insulated. So when it’s really cold or really hot, it’s barely inhabitable. But I can always put on more clothes and hey, it’s in the woods, I can strip down to almost nothing if I want. Hubby would love it.

As I’ve said so often, I’m so grateful to have a place like this to come to. Being here really helps me gain perspective. One verse from Scripture that I love is from Proverbs 3: 5 & 6. (Proverbs is a book in the Christian bible.The bible is divided by books, chapters and verses.) It says:

“Trust in the the Lord with all your heart. Don’t try to figure out everything. Make God first in your life and he will direct your path”. (My paraphrase.)

I find that easy to do at Teeny Tiny Red Cabin.

God bless.

living room re-do

living room re-do

Finally, some remodeling pictures to post. The very day we started ripping up the tile, my mom came over to visit. I had stopped by her house earlier and asked her to come over and have a glass of iced-tea.

I saw her pull-up in my driveway and went out to meet her.  As she stepped up on the first step to come inside, she slipped on the concrete and hit her head hard on the sidewalk. She didn’t lose consciousness but was bleeding from her head.  Thank goodness she didn’t lose consciousness but she did suffer from verigo for about three months.

It is now six months later and she is well on her way to recovery but seeing as she was unsteady on her feet even before she fell, I don’t anticipate she will get any better than she was before the accident. 

Anyway, you can imagine what my next few weeks were like. My husband had a fishing trip planned with my son the next week and I insisted that he go ahead.  So after visits to the hospital, I would come home and rip up tile. I could only carry about ten tiles at once so there were countless trips to the garage. 

 In the meantime, we had already hired a contractor to begin doing some work on the second floor. To say I had a lot going on all at once is to put it mildly. Anyway, it’s done and it’s beautiful.  Here’s the pictures.

This first picture shows the tile that covered the hardwood floors. To the right you will see some carpet. There is also carpet next the staircase. The former owners had a wood burning stove in the fireplace and brought in the firewood from what we call our “sunroom”, a former porch. There are doors leading outside. Rather than drag firewood over the carpet, they essentially made a wide tile “path” from the door to the fireplace. It was kind of cool and certainly made our home unique. However, the tile was cracking and I broke a couple pieces checking out the floor underneath. So……….

IMG_1301The next few pictures show various stages of demolition.

IMG_13002013-Jan  I-phone 015If you look in front of the fireplace you will see that we uncovered a beautiful flagstone hearth. We had no idea it was there.  We were thrilled but it took us a total of forty hours to get off all the cement and mastic. I was on my knees so long, I suffered an injury to my knee that still isn’t healed. 

We contracted the refinishing of the floor. IMG_1590Here’s the floor with the beginning stages of the poly. The dark spot is the area the contractor stained to show me the color. I am in love!

IMG_1603These next pictures show the finished floor.  The floor is wet here but I chose a matte finish and so it is considerably less shiny than what shows here.

After the floors were done, we re-painted walls, trim and fireplace in both rooms. (They are  big rooms with ten foot ceilings.  Yikes!) We painted the same colors.  Reason?  I was too chicken to go white and the colors are very neutral. Trim is Behr’s Cottage White which is my favorite new white.IMG_1630 IMG_1629 IMG_1681The picture above was taken after we painted the living room. The staircase is not completely done yet. We are working on the upstiars and will be replacing carpet on stairs so am waiting for that to get done. The bannister and newel post is black.

These are pictures taken at Christmas and a couple after Christmas. I forogt to mention that the pillow below is made from a skirt I bought at Goodwill. Now the part about the waistband should make some sense.


fresh eyes/fresh viewpoint


fresh eyes/fresh viewpoint

I think I mentioned a few days ago about how fresh coat of paint can really brighten our mood, not just our walls.  Well, my friend whose kitchen I helped paint is now putting everything back together. I had previously told her to fill in the nail holes so she would be forced to think with fresh eyes when it came to adding accessories, etc. I went over there today to help her with the final touches.

I had to practically twist her arm to get her to think with fresh eyes.  Getting her to remove the dark rug under her table was a major feat. Her kitchen, which is quite small, looks so much bigger and bright without one’s eye going to that dark rug that drew the room in too much.  Then I had to strong-arm her a little more to convince her to remove those outdated chair pads. But I convinced her. I cleared off her table and had her stand back and look at what those little changes had accomplished.  She was shocked and very pleased at the difference.

We need “fresh” eyes about so many things. About our homes.  About our circumstances. About our views surrounding various issues.  About our personal style. We might very well end up coming full circle in some areas. For example, we may decide that our views surrounding various issues are exactly how we believe and we are content with the logic behind those views.

But based on the people I know and my personal experience, it doesn’t happen as often as you’d think.  Most of us have the views we have, not based on sound thinking, but because various influences have invaded our thinking and influenced us without our conscious awareness. We offer our opinions and views and don’t even hear the words coming out of our mouths.  But this is getting a little complicated for where I’m headed so we’ll save this discussion for one of my more “cerebral” posts.

Back to my friend’s kitchen.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that when we are redecorating, we need to give our freshly painted walls an opportunity to stay “nekked” for a while. We need to look at accessories and paintings in other rooms and see if we can use them in our newly decorated space. It’s my belief that adopting a different perspective about something as visual as our living spaces can carry over to the not-so-transparent  issues of life-the ones that really matter. It’s kind of like a shot in the arm-a catalyst for changes in other areas.

It works especially for depression. Changing the living spaces that we look at every day somehow subtly short circuits that part of our brain that has gotten used to our familiar, though static, environment. It ever so gently reminds us that our moods are more in our control that we thought. That maybe we can change something here as well. We feel just a little empowered.

Action almost always prompts other actions.

What’s that commercial, “The body in motion stays in motion.  The body at rest stays at rest”? (Something like that.) The message (despite the fact that it’s trying to sell a product) is absolutely right-on.

I hope you’ve followed my thought processes and are grasping what I’m saying.  It’s one of those concepts that’s hard to explain but that if you try it you will intuitively feel the truth of it.

We can become too comfortable with too many things.

Home from ski week


Some pictures from condo. More to follow. This is part of living room.


Kitchen area. Light coming in window made taking picture difficult. Notice the red antique chair on the left. Two people could sit on it.


Skis were hung on walls in just about every room. Antique, children’s skis, etc.


One of main bedrooms.


Hallway going off living room down to another bedroom on the left and on the right a bedroom with four bunk beds. At end of hallway to the right is the mudroom for ski equipment and then above that is a loft with two beds.  None of these pictures do this place justice.


This rack would be so easy to make. It was about four feet long and in the featured bedroom.

Home from ski week

O.K. Can I just say it? And would you please not judge me? Why do good experiences have to be tainted? You know what I mean. The fact that even when we’re enjoying ourselves, we know there is that parallel not-so-good thing going on in another part of our life. Really. Why can’t everything just be ok on all fronts for a while?  Is that really too much to ask?

I guess I’m asking you, God.

Our ski week was going so well. I really didn’t want to hear anything that could get me in a tailspin. Not this week. But no such luck. Don’t people realize that vacation is supposed to be about “vacating”? Doesn’t that mean that I get to mentally “vacate” the problems awaiting me at home?

I wanted to be free of even thinking about some people and some circumstances.  Not because I don’t love them fiercely but precisely because I do. I want to be able to continue to be there for them however I can but that means I need respite at well. 

I know. I know. I sound self-centered and selfish and a part of me is ashamed of my attitude.  Another part of me says, “Hey, wait a minute. I do feel this way and there’s nothing right or wrong about a feeling.  It’s just a feeling. A feeling I need to admit so it doesn’t burrow underground and cause me trouble later on.” (It took me a long time to figure that out and I’m not taking any steps backward now. Smiley face here.)

In earlier posts, I have stressed the importance of facing reality if one is going to manage depression. One of the ways we face reality if never to deny how we’re feeling. (Notice, I didn’t say that we should always express these feelings, especially the negative or troublesome ones. They need to edited first. In my case, that means I have to talk to God first.)

Maybe we should have a little poll.

But I was able to put aside the troubling news and immediately refocus on the current experience. The week was still wonderful. Probably because the upsetting text was at the end of the week. I’m grateful for that small favor.

Ski week

Well, we’re at the condo. What can I say? One of cutest places I’ve seen. The wife apparently did the decorating and we must be soul sisters. I am so totally in agreement with everything she did. Maybe that’s why the karma is so good here. I’m very influenced by my surroundings- to a fault my hubby would say. Hotel room beds have to face a certain direction.

Anyway, I’m posting from my cell. I’ll try to post some pictures. Wish me luck.

p.s. A week later.  I can see that didn’t work. (the picture posting.  Will try again later.)



Yea, finally getting away for a few days. As you know, an earlier trip was cancelled due to my mom’s illness. But in two days we’re heading up north for a ski week. Meeting family up there and have rented a little cabin. I’m busy cooking and shopping as we’re all contributing to the meals.

I SO need this.

We are still in the middle of the renovation and I finally have pictures to post. Today I thought I’d begin by posting some pictures of accessory items I’ve redone. As I think about it, we’ve not only done the “big” renovation stuff, we’ve also revamped all the furniture. I’ve repainted pictures, lamps, tables, chairs-you name it. Anyway, I’m going to start with my new lamps. Apparently, I didn’t take “before” pictures so I’ll just tell you they were a rubbed on blackish finish. I’ve had the lamps for many years and they were one of my rare costly purchases. I bought them because they were very heavy which is the hallmark of a quality lamp. I knew they’d last for years. Anyway, I shopped for inexpensive new ones but nothing compared to these so of course I had to paint them.

Again, I didn’t think to take a picture of the can of spray paint because the DIY part of this blog is very new to me. I now take my camera with my when I start any project. Anyway–the paint color is the infamous Heirloom White spray paint by Rustoleum. I use this color everywhere. This first picture shows both lamps, one with the satin spray paint and the other with a metallic finish. I did take pictures of that.

004 (5)

The lamp on the right is spray painted with the Heirloom White. It was just too flat and I didn’t want to leave them that way. But I also just didn’t want to use plain old gloss paint. So I went to Home Depot and I found this Martha Stewart product.

009 (3)

I love this stuff.

008 (3)

I used a brush and “scrubbed into all the crevices. Then I wiped off the excess with a soft dry cloth. Took about five minutes! Here is finished lamp on finished table.


All I did was spray paint the table with Rustoleum Spray paint, Black Canyon.

Yea! I found a before picture of the lamp and the end table. I had just purchased the shade and I think that’s when it struck me to paint the lamp white. It was paint the lamp white or the table white. I chose to paint the lamps white. Notice the slip-covered sofa. Purchasing white slip covers for my dark burgundy colored sofas was one of the smartest things I’ve done. It inspired everything else plus not having to buy new sofas saved me a ton of money. I love that!

004 (3)

Anyway, I realize this wasn’t the best DIY project as far as photos or explanation. As I said, I’m much more comfortable with writing about life issues. They don’t need photographs taken at each step. Every time I started a project I’d get halfway through and realize I was supposed to be taking pictures from the beginning. I’m learning though. The upcoming pictures of the living room re-do are much more detailed. Maybe I’ll find that darn USB cable so I can use my camera. Stay with me. I learn more every day.

ps. WOW! Guess what? My hubby surprised me with an early Valentine’s present. A new camera! No more tiny little camera that doesn’t do anything. It’s not real expensive but if I can learn how to use this one, then we’re considering upgrading me in about a year. For right now, it’s the perfect size and not too complicated. Of course DIY pictures of finished projects will still be from my i-phone but future projects will be from my new camera. Again, YEA!!!