an alphabet of thanks “A”

Today begins my month of thankfulness. My daughter has done this a couple of years on Facebook so I gave it a shot for the first time last year.  Sometimes they will be funny, sometimes serious. These will be addition to my usual posts. Let’ s see if I can do it again.

“A”  Today I’m thankful for anger.


Anger can be a very good emotion if it prompts us to positive change. It’s been anger that has that has caused many people to take on a “cause”, to address injustice’s  around the world.  Were not talking about the anger we feel when someone cuts us off in traffic. There’s way too much of that kind of anger. I am referring to the kind of anger that makes us reach out to the world. There isn’t nearly enough of that kind of anger. We waste our anger on the unimportant.


I’m not mad today

This is a quick note to let all of you know I’m feverishly trying to personally say thank-you to each of you who “liked” yesterday’s post. Never expected such traffic.

The response has been overwhelming.  I think I know why. It was Monday.  Lots of people were ticked about lots of different things and the title of my post hit a nerve.  Glad I could help. 🙂

Maybe we’d all be better off if we created a “mad about” list every once in a while and blew off some steam.  It’s therapeutic and prevents you from tearing off someone’s head.