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This blog was originally about depression-the worm. Since then I started another blog, depressionsgift.com. This blog will frequently include some of the same posts from depressionsgift but it will also include more random posts about life issues in general.

This is is the blog where I will post DIY projects and whatever strikes my fancy. It’s taken me awhile to let these two blogs define themselves. I think I’m getting there. But expect changes as I change.

The “worm” now is whatever those issues or concerns in your life that are trying to destroy your apple. It can be anything. Relationships, habits, lifestyle, mindset, priorities, whatever. These are the same things that get to me as well. That get to all of us. But remember, there’s a lot of good apple left if you see the “worm” early enough and then work at getting rid of it. I certainly wouldn’t throw away an apple for just one worm. I’d just cut it out. 

I hope you’ll stick around. I won’t bore you with information about me. If you want to learn more, go to “depressionsgift.com”. It’s all there.

God bless,



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  2. I’m so grateful for this blog! It’s my 1st experience with blogging although I’m the bloggee, I believe. I identify with so much that you’ve written and I want to thank you for sharing your insights as well as your heart. I’ve dealt with some form of depression most of my life, some very debilitating- 10/12/10 was supposed to be my last day on this earth…but God intervened…and I’m so glad He did because I know for sure that I am His and He is mine. God bless you, Rebecca ❤

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