an alphabet of thank, “M”

"manly" man

“manly” man

Meals, manicure, most, miles, many, mangoes, mustard, manipulation, men, manly, manners.

Today I’m thankful for “manly” men. What is that exactly?

I’ll describe one I know intimately.

A “manly” man is:

  • A gentleman
  • Well-mannered
  • Kind
  • Strong
  • Well-groomed
  • Tender
  • Helpful
  • Kind
  • Funny
  • Fun
  • Adventurous
  • Loving
  • Lover
  • Sensitive

A “manly” man is not crude, vulgar, self-centered, self-serving, sloppy, ill-mannered.

I’m thankful for all the “manly” men I know. And there are more of them then there are of the other.


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