an alphabet of thanks “J”

Jellyfish. I’m thankful for jellyfish.  How did God even think of jellyfish?



I accompanied my daughter to a conference she had in Oregon. I was thrilled my grown-up daughter wanted her mom to join her. She said I could do “my thing” during the day while she was in her meetings. On the week-end, we visited an aquarium that had a huge collection of jellyfish.  I had not idea jelly fish could be so beautiful. I felt so peaceful watching them. I could imagine how it would feel to be suspended in the water like that, just floating along.



Some were practically transparent. Some looked liked miniature angels with enormous wings. Some were almost too small too be seen. Some were very large. They seemed to float effortlessly.  I fell in love.

If you ever get a chance, visit an aquarium that has such a collection. You won’t regret it.




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