I am decorating a whole wall in our bedroom with round (one oval) mirrors (see here for more pictures) that I’ve been gathering from thrift stores, yard sales, wherever. When I get the last couple of mirrors up I intend to give you a tour of the bedroom. We remodeled upstairs last year. I’ve already showed you one small guest.bedroom that I dearly love.

Our bedroom is taking awhile because of having to find the mirrors. As a rule, I hate a lot of mirrors. You know the kind I mean. Mirrored walls, mirrored closet doors. This is nothing like that. They’re more of an art statement. Anyway……..

This first picture is of a plastic plate, (fifty cents-Goodwill) and a mirror ($1.00 Dollar Tree). I realize the mirror looks like a piece of wood but it’s just a reflection of the ceiling in our kitchen. (How does one take a picture of a mirror anyway without it reflecting something?) I glued the mirror to the center of the right side of the plate. Sometimes I turn the tray or plate over to the other side. Just depends on how I want it to look on the wall.

By the way, I use pop can tabs for the hanger and glue on with glue gun. Even though the mirrors decorated with flat glass marbles are heavy, the tab has proven to hold.

plate and round mirror

plate and round mirror

Below is the plate painted with Rustoleum 2X in Aqua. This year I’m having a love affair with certain Rustoleum colors, such as Jade, Heirloom White and a wonderful Lemongrass yellow. All are Rustoleum products. I also like Walmart’s Krylon paint but my local store doesn’t have a large selection.

painted plate/ DIY, craft, Dollar Tree

painted plate/ DIY, craft, Dollar Tree

This is the finished product. I can’t wait to show you my “wall of mirrors. It’s coming soon!

finished mirror/DIY, Dollar Tree, Craft

finished mirror/DIY, Dollar Tree, Craft


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