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I’m posting this tongue-in-cheek. This morning I hobbled to the bathroom because my left foot is in a “soft” cast as I’m trying to avoid major, major, nine–recovery- surgery. I lifted my  left “braced” arm  due to a pulled tendon, to open a door to my medicine cabinet.

Here’s the funny, ha, ha part. The door came off the hinge and the next thing I knew it hit me right above my left eye. Blood is dripping down my cheek and I couldn’t help but laugh. How could I not? I look like the “walking wounded”.

They say there are no accident’s but I can’t think of what I could have done to cause that door to attack me. Hmm. come to think of it, I DO hate my medicine cabinet.  But still………

So that’s my funny, ha, ha, story. You just have to have a sense of humor about some things. 🙂


I am decorating a whole wall in our bedroom with round (one oval) mirrors (see here for more pictures) that I’ve been gathering from thrift stores, yard sales, wherever. When I get the last couple of mirrors up I intend to give you a tour of the bedroom. We remodeled upstairs last year. I’ve already showed you one small guest.bedroom that I dearly love.

Our bedroom is taking awhile because of having to find the mirrors. As a rule, I hate a lot of mirrors. You know the kind I mean. Mirrored walls, mirrored closet doors. This is nothing like that. They’re more of an art statement. Anyway……..

This first picture is of a plastic plate, (fifty cents-Goodwill) and a mirror ($1.00 Dollar Tree). I realize the mirror looks like a piece of wood but it’s just a reflection of the ceiling in our kitchen. (How does one take a picture of a mirror anyway without it reflecting something?) I glued the mirror to the center of the right side of the plate. Sometimes I turn the tray or plate over to the other side. Just depends on how I want it to look on the wall.

By the way, I use pop can tabs for the hanger and glue on with glue gun. Even though the mirrors decorated with flat glass marbles are heavy, the tab has proven to hold.

plate and round mirror

plate and round mirror

Below is the plate painted with Rustoleum 2X in Aqua. This year I’m having a love affair with certain Rustoleum colors, such as Jade, Heirloom White and a wonderful Lemongrass yellow. All are Rustoleum products. I also like Walmart’s Krylon paint but my local store doesn’t have a large selection.

painted plate/ DIY, craft, Dollar Tree

painted plate/ DIY, craft, Dollar Tree

This is the finished product. I can’t wait to show you my “wall of mirrors. It’s coming soon!

finished mirror/DIY, Dollar Tree, Craft

finished mirror/DIY, Dollar Tree, Craft

kids misbehaving in restaurants

google images

google images

Have you heard about the woman who owned the restaurant and posted some pictures on Facebook?  After a particular family with young children left she posted a picture on of the mess they left on the floor. It started a firestorm of pro’s and con’s of children in restaurants.

So I’m weighing in There’s a time and place for everything. Playtime and running around is for home or the great out-of-doors. It is not for restaurants or movie theaters or even the grocery store. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen children running, actually running, in the grocery store. I’ve been known to say something to them. I’ve also been known to say something to parents in restaurants whose children are seriously misbehaving.

My children were small once, too, so I get it. I really do. But whatever happened to manners? Whatever happened to parents doing their job and paying attention to their children’s public behavior? It’s not the children I get upset with; it’s the parents. I realize parents think their children are adorable. I’m sure they are–to them. But their children are not necessarily adorable to everyone else.

Some restaurants have a “seven by seven” policy which means no children under seven after seven. Makes perfect sense to me. Besides children under seven should be getting ready for bed anyway, shouldn’t they?

I’m not expecting children to behave perfectly in public but can we all agree there is such a thing common sense.  So let’s all start exercising some of it. 

making mistakes


making mistakes

an epiphany

(Heads up! This is a re-post from way back when. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how the technical side of blogging  has been a steep learning curve for me. I’m re-writing some very early blogs because I did so much wrong in those early days. Like wrong tags, no tags, no categories, etc. I like to think I know so much more now. 🙂 Some of these early posts set the stage for subsequent posts. I’m not re-posting just to re-post. I’ve spent even more time on these re-posts than I did the originals. I will always let you know when I’m re-posting something which won’t be too often. Thanks for understanding.)


This blog finally became reality when I decided (after years of procrastination) to paint my dining room hutch. When I see this “before” picture,  I remember how much I disliked it for years.

003 (3)

Here it is in progress.

002 (3)

The thought of possibly ruining it kept me paralyzed. But one  morning I knew the time had come. I was up early and painting by 10:00 a.m.  For some reason, that morning’s resolve was an epiphany. After years of studying my nemesis, depression, and coming to terms with where I wanted my life to go, it just all finally came together like a really good recipe. It seemed as though during the night God had silently imprinted on my mind,  “Go ahead and enjoy your life. Take some chances. It’s o.k. I approve.”

Here it is decorated for Christmas. Since then, I’ve filled the shelves with creamy white accessories. I love it. I’ve yet to finish the table and chairs only because I can’t find chairs I want so I’ll probably just paint the chairs I’ve got.

edited copy 2 Continue reading

my box at God’s feet

images (5)

I’m going to briefly share a concept I believe God gave me a long time ago about how to “keep our thoughts” captured as written in II Corinthians 10:5. Most Christians know this verse but very few know how to do it. Just try to talk yourself into not thinking certain thoughts almost guarantees that you will.

So years ago when I was fighting depression, in particular without medication, I learned this technique. I will be sharing this at as well. But seeing as how it works for me now on what I consider just some “bad days”  I’m sharing it here as well.

I used this technique just this morning during my devotional time. Continue reading

why should I be immune?

images (4)

I’ve always said that I’ve enjoyed really good health. I feel I still do although lately that position has been tested.

Presently, I have an inflatable cast on my left foot in hopes of avoiding major, major ofoot surgery.Because of this cast, I am now experiencing pain in my other leg and foot because I’m not walking correctly.

I have another brace on my left arm-another tendonitis problem. I look like I’ve been in an accident. This has all come as a big of a shock. I went from mobile to immobile in a week. I’ve already watched enough TV to last me for a while. Now, it’s trying to figure out how to do what I need and want to do under the circumstances. This could be a very, very long time for both conditions to heal.

But then I got to thinking. Why not me? Everyone has their problems. Everyone has things they need to work around, to work through. Why should I be exempt?

This is a challenge. I like challenges. (Of course, I would prefer to pick and choose.) While I don’t believe there is a reason for everything, I do believe that we can learn and grow through challenges. Hey, maybe I’ll look back someday and see this was a good thing. Buy maybe not. But here’s the thing.

Do we always have to attach some great cosmic message from God in everything? Does every challenge in life have to result in some great revelation? I think when we let our minds go there, we miss the opportunity to simply experience the experience. Isn’t it up to God whether or not there’s some great lesson to be learned? I’m sure if there is, God’s Holy Spirit will let me know.

For me right now, it’s the practical stuff I’m concerned with. How not to spill a cup of coffee because my grasp is weak. How to vacuum and dust with the other hand. How to type with a brace on, (I’m doing it by the way.) How to get down to pull a weed with this stupid foot cast on and not twist my foot. My hubby and I did figure out the shower thing. I won’t go in to details but let’s just say it’s very creative.

Anyway, this is my life for now. I don’t like it. I certainly wasn’t expecting it and I wish it were over. But this is what I’ve been dealt. I will walk again without this brace. I will eventually get rid of the arm brace. I’m keenly aware of those who face these kinds of challenges every day. I’ll be darned if I’m going to let a temporary challenge turn into a permanent mindset.

Besides as my favorite heroine said, “Tomorrow is another day.”

what does my blog say about me?


This blog is written in response to the daily prompt, mirror, mirror, on the wall. What does my blog say about me? Hmmm, I’m not sure I know but I think I need to know, so here goes with some impromptu remarks.

I think it says I have way too many interests and am interested in way too many subjects. Which makes figuring out what to write about difficult. That’s why I started my other blog, At least there I know what my subject matter is. Even then I wished I’d named it something else because it’s really more about healthy mental living, not just depression.

I’m glad I found this prompt because it’s helped me clarify for myself what I want this blog to be. I want it to show the subjects I’m interested in as well as general musings about life as I experience it. I want this blog to be “lighter” than depressionsgift but include my interests in deeper issues. Both blogs will reflect my faith, not always in words but certainly in perspective.

Sometimes I look in my mirror and like what I see. Other times, not so much. Some days I’m interested in art, other days recipes. Lots of time, DIY projects. All I have to do is look at my boards on Pinterest to know how scattered I am at times. (I had no idea I was interested in that many things.) This is the blog I want to post DIY projects and decorating ideas from my home.  I may eventually combine these blogs but I’m worried I will lose followers or screw the whole thing up.

I think I just wrote this post for me only. I finally have it figured out for myself, where I’m heading here.  Thanks WordPress for the great prompt.

I’m an unhappy little “camper”

google images

google ima

(posting to depressionsgift as well)

Boy, am I an unhappy camper. Probably have never mentioned it but I have “problem” feet. Have had three surgeries with the last surgery including more than one procedure. I’ve been in a”boot” way too many times.  So when my foot started hurting last week and the ankle swelling I made a doctor’s appointment for yesterday. I was so hoping I would be told it was a sprain or some injury. I had done the research and knew what the worse case scenario could be.

It’s a horror movie.

It’s called PTTD and it involves the largest and most important tendon in the foot. It’s  inflamed. That doesn’t sound too bad, right?  Wrong. If it doesn’t heal or worse yet, if it ruptures, I’m in big trouble. Then we’re talking major, major foot surgery that as my doctor said I want to avoid at all costs. The recovery is six to nine months!  So he put me in a brace/boot with an inflatable arch that I pump up myself. That part is kind of cool.

I was very upset with the news but far more afraid of what could happen. It got me to thinking about all the “rock-your-boa”t news people hear. From “You have cancer,” to”I’m sorry, he didn’t make it” etc.  As a Christian I feel I’m expected to blurt out all kinds of Christian jargon which I’m not going to do. Do I believe God will see me through it? Yes, I do. I’m not going to say it’s God’s will. I have no idea if it is or not. Is there some sort of nebulous reason for this? Again, only God knows that and he/she (that’s for shoe 1000) doesn’t owe me an explanation. He certainly has “allowed” it but I’m not sure what means anyway and again it’s one of those statements often made out of the need to sound a certain way. I refuse to go that way.

If I say I’m going to trust God, I’m going to but I don’t have to make it a point to tell everyone I see.   And I couldn’t even tell  you what trusting God will look like for me. It’s just words until I put it into action. Today I’m trusting him to help me to stay on top of my emotions for right now. I have three weeks of wearing my beautiful, stylish boot. Hey, I can do that. This is nothing compared to what some people go through. I trust God to help me do that. After that I can’t tell you what the next thing will be I’ll have to trust God for or how.

I’m bored but there’s always blogging. I so need to learn more about the technical side of blogging. I need to upgrade and fine tune my blogs. I’m certainly going to have some time now.

If you’re out there “recupering”,  let’s talk.

DIY/guest bedroom

Last year my husband and I were having a conversation about and redecorating the bedrooms. He looked at the ceilings in this room and in another bedroom and said, “What’s the point of redoing the rooms when the ceilings look like their about to fall down.?  You know where this  is heading, don’t you? Here are some before pictures.

  Faux deer 030   Look at the trim. Pathetic, huh? Remember, this house is over 1oo years old! Faux deer 099Faux deer 033  Finally, it’s done. I moved the rods to the ceiling which are nine feet tall and just let them puddle. The green coverlet at end of bed I purchased at Goodwill for $5.00



This is a close up of the great medallion piece I bought at Hobby Lobby. The color is perfect.

This is close up of bed and wonderful medallion I recently found at Hobby Lobby.. Am thinking about painting the bed black for a little more contrast.

The color was perfect. The “dream” garland above was traced from stencils and then cut out of scrapbook paper and glued to a ribbon. The pillows on the bead are all vintage ones I’ve picked up over the years.You will notice the bird pictures to the left of the window in a previous picture. I loved the frames but hated the picture. I knew I would end up putting a different picture in them. One day I took out some wallpaper samples and began drawing. I like the metallic paper so thought, “Hey, I’ll create one bird for each picture. I wanted the pictures to be very simple. Here is the original picture. 001

 Metaliic wallpaper cut into shapes

Metaliic wallpaper cut into shapes

 Added wings with "sharpie"

Added wings with “sharpie”

 Final product

Final product

Pictures on the wall.

Pictures on the wall.

Here is another view of the bedroom. For some reason the pillows and the chest have a pink cast to them which isn’t correct.IMG_2298