Have I Ever Talked about Depression?

Matt W Cook

I used to be sad, pretty much all the time.  If you know me, you might think I’m lying.  I get a lot of energy from other people so I always seem to present as a cheerful, outgoing, happy happy chap.  But at night everything would change.  I used to cry myself to sleep.  Kinda weird, eh?  Fully grown dude writhing in sadness in his bed, hoping that his roommate across the room doesn’t notice.

It got better, but not until it got a lot worse first.

But then it got better.  I fixed it.  Almost completely.  It took time and sacrifice, but it got better.  So much better than when the sadness creeps back, it’s a surprise.  And it never stays for long.  It’s lost its heart.

For me, the key was honesty.  With myself.

Most of us have delusions.  And when we’re really, really honest with ourselves, we…

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