original art

original art

I’m taking a few days off from posting anything serious.  Instead I’m going to post some of my paintings.  I’m not doing this to garner any compliments.  I’ve been working with my Picasa photo editing and this is my trial run before I start to publish my DIY projects.  I will include a description of what medium I used for each picture.

THEThis picture is a mix acrylics, collage (the vases), and much overlaying of paint and scrubbing off. It’s my favorite kind of painting.  Messy, lots and lots of layers.  This picture is on watercolor paper and measures about 12 x 16.

008-IMG_1660This is a little ATC (artist trading card). It’s a blend of  watercolors and collage. I haven’t traded many atc’s for a while now.  As I’ve said, I’m on a steep learning curve with this blog and it has taken up much of my free time.

009-IMG_1664This is one my favorite little ATC’s.  It was originally framed with a huge mat in a big frame.  I loved the look of tinyt picture in a big fram. Very arty. Made my little bird look so important. This is all watercolor.

003-IMG_1639Another little card.  This was so much fun. It is a powder based drywall concoction I had lying around.  I just shmeared it all over my little card. I dropped inks from a dropper  on various sections and then tilted the paper. I had no idea it would turn out so good.  I would love to try this on a big sheet of paper sometime.

123-Faux deer 086

This is a larger watercolor-about 20 x 24.  It is NOT an original picture. I copied it from an art book catalog. It is watercolor only.

126-Faux deer 058

This is watercolor on watercolor paper.  It is about 30″ X 20″.  I was just playing around so  I didn’t use good watercolor paper. (I never think my pictures are going to turn out good. Hmmmmm.)

This last picture is, again, not an original. I saw a picture of this woman in a magazine and copied it. (I don’t mean I traced it. I’ve never traced anything, although it is an accepted way to learn to draw.)  It is about 5 x 7 and is watercolor paint on Arches watercolor paper.

(By the way, I had not idea I could paint until I tried. It helped me a great deal in overcoming depression. Creative endeavors of any type do.)  125-Faux deer 062


2 thoughts on “original art

    • Thanks tammy,

      When I posted I wasn’t doing it for compliments but I’ll sure take one when it’s given. Thanks so much. I’m surprised I even posted them as I’m very insecure when it comes to my art. I so want to get back into it but have been working hard at figuring out how to blog. What a learning curve! Please tell me everyone finds it as frustrating and time-consuming as I do. And I haven’t even gotten to much of the DIY projectswaiting in the wings to be posted because I’m also very intimidated by the beautiful pictures some bloggers display. Oh, well, anotehr learning curve. My brain is so fried.

      Tx again.

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