christmas pictures

christmas pictures

Finally, pictures up loaded.  Will divide pictures between a couple of posts. This first picture is a blurry picture of my recently re-furbished hutch. I took off the doors and painted the whole thing Behr’s Lampost black. After I did it, I could’ve kicked myself because I wished I’d done it years ago. I don’t know what stopped me.

dining room hutch.

dining room hutch.

The next three pictures are of three of the shelves.

another shelf

another shelf


I love this teapot and mugs.  I thought I lost the mugs so ended up buying two more.  Of course, you know what happened.  I found the two mugs the next day. Kept all four anyway. This next picture shows my built-in hutch. I have frosted textured contact paper behind the glass because the hutch isn’t pretty inside.

felt runner

felt runner



Cornicopia on my built-in hutch.

metakingpictures in dining room

Another display in the dining room.  Next picture is of same scene but me trying to get creative with Picasa. Remember these pictures were taking with my i-phone camera. I have a brand-new camera but can’t find the usb cable. Aarggghhhh.

snowman experiment


I love this doll. She visits every Christmas.

Hope you enjoyed this first batch of pictures.  I wish I had a better camera.

I will post more pictures soon.


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