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Today is another easy pick. I’m picking Goodwill. Not the attribute, the store.  I LOVE Goodwill stores!

Except for a few pieces, almost all my furniture comes from thrift stores or second-hand shops. Other countries have them as well. They just have different names. Probably ninety percent of my clothes do, too.  From what others tell me, I do a pretty good job with putting my wardrobe together. And I’ve never had anyone dislike my decorating style and am often asked to help others make decisions regarding furnishings, accessories and how to put it all together. (You will soon be able to judge for yourself as I’ll be posting lots of pictures of my projects.) I’ll also post pictures of the remodeling we’ve been doing. I should probably say “decorating” not “remodeling” because “no walls were injured in the making of this remodel”.

When my husband and I were moving furniture and accessories out of the living room, I realized how much I liked my Goodwill pieces. It isn’t just that I’m cheap (which I am), but there’s something so rewarding knowing I put it all together myself. I didn’t just buy a whole room of furniture that someone else put together for a display. I realize it’s not everybody’s “thing” but it sure is mine. I love the creative process, whether it’s redoing furniture, repurposing items, putting together my wardrobe, writing, or painting. Creativity brings out the best in me.  When I have a challenge, every creative spark in my body comes alive.

That’s why I love decorating blogs as well. There are such creative people out in blog land.  And of course there’s Pinterest. Surely, anyone reading this blog knows about Pinterest.  If you don’t, you really need to check it out. “So many projects, so little time.” I get so geeked about all the possibilities; I hardly know where to begin.  

I will start a new category on my blog (called Goodwill, of course) and highlight some of my favorite finds whenever I figure out how to add categories. This blog still is not right but I’m trying.

Right now there are some naked windows asking to be dressed so I have to sign off for now. We can finally see the light at the end of the remodeling tunnel so I have to keep at it.  Everything is looking great and the furniture warehoused in our garage for weeks now will be moved back in next week.  I just hope no mice have taken up residence in the sofas.  J

See you tomorrow for H.


One of my roses. Can’t remember which one. 🙂


Where I sit sometimes.

Flowers, fur, freedom, feathers, fleece.
Today I’m thankful for flowers. I love gardening and I love all types of flowers. Roses are my favorite and Lady’s Mantle runs a close second. I have lots of roses, not fussy, temperamental ones. If they don’t make it after a couple of years, they’re gone. Today’s post will be short but I will include a number of pictures. 

Another place to sit.
I have many places to sit in my gardens as well. I love to spend time at one of the tables and have my devotions. (For those of you who wonder what “devotions” are, it’s the time I set aside each day to read my bible, think and pray. God just seems closer when I’m in my garden.) This last year I didn’t get to do much of that as we were at our cabin a lot finishing up our newest addition to the property-our adorable little bunkhouse called “La Cabinette”. When we weren’t there, we were at our daughter’s, or helping out my mom. It was a very busy summer. I’m making a vow to spend more time in my garden next year. I feel I missed something that is very important to my sanity.

Raindrop on a Lady’s Mantle leaf. One of my favorite images.

I can’t think of a single flower I don’t like. There are some I prefer to see in someone else’s garden as they’re too invasive or too much trouble, like daisies. I love daisies but once you have them, you have them forever. I like Bee Balm because it attracts hummingbirds but they too are nasty spreaders.

Here’s more.

Wild sunflower. These grow about four feet tall and bloom from about late August through October. Pretty, huh?