teeny-tiny red cabin


Finally you get to hear about the teeny, tiny, red cabin in the woods. Nine years ago the company my husband worked for was sold and we were facing possible unemployment. We’d been praying ever since we knew.

I had just come home from teaching an evening Bible study when the phone rang. When have you ever heard of a company calling an employee after nine in the evening to offer them a job? But that’s what happened. The corporate office had had a board meeting and decided to offer him a position as  a forensic accountant. (That’s an accountant who looks for the bad guy.) The position would involve extensive traveling within the contiguous United States.  However, the job “morphed” after a year to encompass mostly international travel. 

Cool, huh?  Well, yes and no.

At first we were thrilled as we both love to travel and we were hoping I could go with him sometimes.  But when the schedule became two weeks home and two weeks traveling, it got really old, really quick. (An aside here-many marriages fail when one spouse travels that much. We survived.) I was able to travel with my husband at times because his hotel room was already paid for. We used frequent flyer miles for my airfare (he racked up hundreds of thousands in quick order).  I only had to pay for lunch which was either leftover breakfast or something from a grocery store. As far as shopping, I did very little. 

The same year we learned about the international travel is when “teeny, tiny red cabin in the woods” became a reality. The teeny cabin became our retreat from a very hectic lifestyle.  It was calming, therapeutic and revitalizing all at the same time. It was and is our “honeymoon” place.

The extensive international travel is now over. Nine years was enough.

Some fun facts about “teeny, tiny, red cabin in the woods.”  It sits at the bottom of a hill. Our main home sits at the top of a hill.  Both houses are over one hundred years old. I like old. The cabin is decorated inside in red, black and white. The bedroom, kitchen and living room are one room with the bed situated in a kind of alcove but no door.  I spent one whole summer scouring garage sales, thrift shops, and estate sales. I found:

  • Black and white fleece pillows with a bear appliqué
  • Colorful rag rugs
  • Two end tables with legs that look like branches.
  • A small drop leaf table and two farm chairs
  • Cool lime green plastic dishes which add a bit of drama
  • A small drop leaf table

We purchased a new futon (who wants to sleep on a used mattress?) and the log style bed that was already in the cabin.  A dear friend made me two birch-branch lamps, one floor-sized and one table-sized that found their way to the  cabin.

Everything was inexpensive. I’m a natural-born thrift shopper. I love repurposing things.  Modestly said, most people like how I decorate. Plus shopping at garage sales and thrift stores keeps me humble.  

(My life is good.  I have everything I need and even more. It wasn’t always this way. I would’ve managed my depression better had I asked myself what I now ask you.)

“How are you rich?” Most of us have at least one area where we are truly rich. I’ll just bet that some of the least wealthy of you (in the material sense) will be able list the most riches.  I know that with the present US economy, there are people who are really struggling. I’m suggesting though that in the midst of our struggles (depression being one of them), it helps to concentrate on the bright spots in our lives.   




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