doing the right thing

doing the right thing 

I love it when I do the right thing. I don’t always know the right thing to do and even when I do, I  don’t always do it. Especially if I’m tired. Especially if it interrupts my plans. (I hate to have my plans interrupted.) But most especially I hate it when I know that doing the right thing isn’t going to result in  anything good for me. Yet, in the end, I do feel good about doing it. Am I the only one or are there others there out in  blog land that are as conflicted as I am?

But today I did do the right thing.  An elderly person I know is, as we often say, “going downhill”. To her, it seems very much an “uphill” battle. Her vitality is gone.  Now it’s as though someone or something has taken over her spirit.  She’s existing but she’s not living. She’s lost  interest.  She suffers from depression and solely relies on medication to make her better.  She has never done the hard work required to look at herself and her complicity in her depression and she’s unlikely to try now.

She’s from a different era. When people didn’t examine their lives. When people didn’t talk about their feelings. When people  let their wounds fester unattended. When people believed everything their doctor said.  Never questioned. They lived their lives in bondage to what other people thought, never daring to take a chance.  Never daring to be who they really wanted to be.  Do what they really wanted to do. She never shared her struggles with anyone, ever.  Airing one’s dirty linen on a  public clothesline was taboo but having the dirty linen wasn’t as long as it was secret. So many secrets that have choked her life.

So if she’s how she is today, is it any surprise?  One cannot live a lifetime of unfulfilled dreams, of dashed hopes and of being so out of touch with  themselves  and tackle old age with grace. It’s hard enough for those who have.  So those of us who are aware of their inability to find grace for themselves have to do our best  to “grace” them however we can.  Today I tried to do that.  I don’t know if it was enough. I never know if its enough.

There is a saying I remind myself of often. I tried to find its source but Mr. Google didn’t know.  It’s just another way of saying ,”do the right thing’.

“Do as much good  as you can,

 to as many people as you can ,

for as long as you can,

in any way that you can.”

Is there anyone you need to do the right thing by today? (No matter how inconvenient, no matter how little you might be rewarded.)



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