still frustrated

I’m still frustrated because I’m trying to figure out how to add tags and categories that are relevant to each post. I checked out a book from  the library called “Blogging all in one for Dummies”.  It’s at least 3″ thick and I have so many sticky tabs on so many pages, I knew I had to buy my own copy.  It’s on its way. Yea!!

Speaking of tags and categories, after looking at mine more closely, I realized I sound like a miserable woman.  I’m not.  I’m actually very happy despite my ever present concern that anxiety or depression is lurking in the corners. This should prove encouraging as it shows that the fear of depression doesn’t have to rob us of the joy of living.

Today was a good day but I did have a couple of moments when I had to reprogram my mind a little. As usual, it was exposure to a certain person that triggered a very slight anxiety attack.  She means well and I know she loves me.  She just manages to hit the right buttons. (Mostly my fault because I apparently have some leftover anger from childhood.)  But I’m a big girl now and have to wear my big girl panties.

I’m a firm believer that I’m responsible for my own happiness .  So I had a good talk with myself, adjusted my thinking and I’m fine now.  

What about you? Is there a certain situation or person that does that to you?  How do you keep it from escalating and spoiling your mood?


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