blogging and depression are so frustrating

Dear reader,

This is a “trial” post.  I have no clue what I’m doing but I need to see something on my page so I know what it looks like.  Hence, this post. 

I can tell you this is going to be an unusual blog-a self-help (especially for those who experience bouts of depression) format and at times, a DIY blog with pictures if I can figure this out.  For right now, let me just encourage you if you are feeling depressed.  I was there on and off for years.  I’ve learned a lot in my struggles and have been anti-depressant free now for over nine years.  I will be sharing the strategies I use on an almost daily basis.  Many have told me these tools have really helped. 

I’m not a therapist but I’m not a novice either.  I have a degree in Psychology, two quarters of Clinical Pastoral Education (no, I’m not a minister) and worked a number of years as a hospital chaplain. My faith is the most important part of my life but I choose not to try to convince anyone to believe as I do.  Some of the techniques I use are of a  spiritual nature but they can be adapted to your own personal lifestyle.  I only want to help.  I know what it feels like to be really “down” and have no clue as to why. Please check in with me often.  I will try to post about three days a week.

Now back to figuring out this blog stuff.


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